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IDTA Exam Results & Staff Achievements 



Well done to all pupils that took their IDTA Freestyle examinations on Sunday 5th November 2023. 100% pass rate and all achieving 85%-98%

Prime Dance staff are extremely proud of you all!

Congratulations to Holly Pitman, Olivia Adamoli and Freya Collins for being nominated by the examiner in our recent exam session for the IDTA Freestyle scholarships! Fantastic achievement well done.



Congratulations to all the pupils who took part in their IDTA ballet, tap and freestyle exams.



100% pass rate – Well done :)


A special congratulations to Hannah Greenwood and Jodie Taylor that received distinctions in their AIDTA freestyle exam.


Well done to Miss Rhain winning the IDTA John Knight award and the IDTA London seminar.

Congratulations to Sarah Walker winning The North West Noda award for her choreography of A Christmas Carol.

Well done to Melissa Foster qualifying in her level 2 Max Whitlock gymnastic training.

To Hannah Greenwood, Megan Carr, Jodie Taylor, Sarah Casey, Rebekah Harrison, Emily 

.Samuels who will be be appearing on Hollyoaks

Competition Achievements

That's Showbiz 2023 - Manchester Heats




4 trophies well done all... Through to finals!! Thanks all that helped and supported :)

That's Showbiz 2014 - Cheshire Heats


Junior Section: Dancing Fool - 3rd Place


Senior Section: Run The World - 2nd Place


Senior Section: Drops of Jupiter - 4th Place, Judges Choice Award, Highest mark of the classical section, and highest scoring small group.


Open Section: Spice Girls - 1st Place


That's Showbiz 2013 - Cheshire Heats


Junior Section: Sexy and I know it - 2nd Place & Highest mark in Open Section


Junior Section: Mambo No. 5 - 4th Place & Highest mark in Modern Section


Senior Section: Can Can Can - 3rd Place & Judges Choice Award


Senior Section: Off with your head - 2nd Place & Highest mark in Mixed Open Section


Open Section: Geeks - 4th Place

Thank You

On behalf of the Sale Town Partnership I would like to thank Prime Dance for their fantastic performance at the Sale Town Centre Summer Sounds event.  Despite the weather, we were overwhelmed by how much support the event received and the dancers continuing in the rain illustrated what true professionals they were. It was very much appreciated and they were fantastic.


Thank you again for your support and we look forward to working with you again for the Christmas event on Saturday 30thNovember.


Kind regards,



We received a special thank you from the organisers of Sale Festival for dancing in the pouring rain. Well done girls.

Here's what some of our students say about dancing

I've been with Prime since day one and I hope we inspire the younger children as much as the seniors used to inspire me. I've made friends for life and I never want to leave my Prime family.

Christina Kelly, aged 17.



I love Prime because the dance teachers are always smiling.

Holly Pitman, aged 6.



Prime Dance has made me enjoy and appreciate dancing and the teachers are always willing to assist you if you're finding a dance hard. I have made many friends in my years at Prime and I can't imagine going to any other dance school.

Claire McKenzie, aged 14.



I love Prime Dance because you can never go a lesson without smiling. When I dance with my friends I'm the happiest person ever. Dance like nobody's watching.

Megan Landi, aged 12.



I like coming to Prime Dance as it has developed my confidence and everyone is so friendly and caring. My technique has improved and I feel a part of a wonderful community.

Abbie Wilson, aged 13.



I like dancing because I like doing the splits and going to the stage.

Rhia Lawson, aged 4.



I love Prime Dance! Not only do I love dancing here but all my friends are with me. When I'm at Prime I forget about everything else, we are like a family!

Jessica Kitchen, aged 17.



I love coming to dancing because it is so enjoyable and is something I love doing with people I love. Everyone is like one big family and always welcomes beginners. Every class is fun and makes my day.

Giselle McKenzie, aged 16.



Prime Dance is amazing because you get lots of opportunities to do fun things like shows and dance camp.

Lily Brownlow, aged 9.



Dancing is the best because it is fun, challenging, exciting and you make new friends.

Frankie Nightingale, aged 10.



Prime Dance has made me become more confident and I have learned really good dance routines and I have made loads of new friends, I love Prime Dance!

Abi Peters, aged 13.



I always look forward to dancing because it is my favourite thing to do and I love everybody. We're one big family :)

Leonie Quilliam, aged 16.



I love Prime Dance because it's helped me to learn new skills and make friends that I never would have had. And has given me a new found confidence.

Olivia Kelly, aged 13.



I really love Prime Dance and have for many years. I have made so many friends and have stayed close with them for so long. I have learned many dancing techniques and without Prime Dance I wouldn't be who I am today.

Sarah Casey, aged 13.


I really love coming to Prime because everyone is so friendly and it has helped me to improve and become stronger. I have so many friends here and I love coming, I wouldn't go to any other dance school.

Hannah Greenwood, aged 13.



My two daughters absolutely love dancing at Prime, they have great fun and friends and Anna encourages everyone to take part and enjoy themselves!

June Kelly (Parent)



I really enjoy dancing and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else other than Prime. I have so many friends here and I have grown in confidence and ability.

Francesca Downie, aged 13.



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