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Prime Dance 2020


Prime Dance would have been breaking for summer on Friday 17th July! Therefore we will be running classes this week and the next week as normal (via Zoom).

After the 17th, Anna will be continuing with stretch class once a week throughout summer- late morning every Monday as children will not be receiving school work. Prime Dance will always record sessions also for those who prefer to do the class later in the day. This class is suitable for all students and is the most important session for us to continue with.


Speaking with Ashton on Mersey , we are all being optimistic about returning back safely in September when schools return. We are looking at Monday 7th September, please put the date in the diary!! 

Full safe guide guidelines will be in place and we have also discovered ‘dance masks’ if anyone feels more confident wearing one. The dance mask is designed to make breathing easy whilst exercising! Please message Anna for details- 07805222712.

We will be sending detailed health & Safety and safe guard guidelines out to all once discussed with Ashton. 

Prime Dance will keep everyone informed with updates of the process over the summer... 

Thank you for all the support during this time!

See you in September 

Take Care :) 

DANCE 2020 - Rehearsals

All classes except for the Tots class please attend the following show rehearsals:


Sunday 15th March 2020. 11 am to 3 pm.  (Parents no need to attend) - £4 for room hire. Show run through (no costumes but correct footwear - ballet & pointe shoes, heels, jazz shoes, hats etc. for practice.


Sunday 22nd March 2020. 11 am – 3 pm. Dress rehearsal (bring all costumes as advised) All juveniles and younger children must have a parent with them – Prime staff will not have time to help as you can appreciate.


Please make sure all costumes and shoes are labelled so if anything is left behind we know who it belongs to.

It is important you attend both of the above to ensure a polished performance – and correct costume fitting. Please let Anna know if you are unable to attend.

DANCE 2020


Please return form with payment no later than 30th November 2019

Admin fees


Due to increasing theatre hire cost, we are asking for:

Registration fee of

£10 per 1st child

£5 for a 2nd sibling

£2.50 for 3rd sibling etc

This is to cover the increasing theatre costs and by doing this we will be able to keep ticket prices down to £12.50. This also covers costume returns and price changes on costumes which is sometimes beyond our control.

There will be extra rehearsals scheduled from January 2020 for some of the routines, but you will be notified in due course – we encourage everyone to attend these for a polished performance.

We would like all ages to take part in both performances but for any reason,

any of the Saturday tots are unable to do so please let anna know asap so placings can be arranged in advance.

A £30.00 non-refundable costume deposit before Christmas for senior, junior & juvenile teams and a £10 deposit for Friday freestyle, Saturday classes. We have so many students to fit with costumes we need to commence early. The remaining costumes for teams and all other classes will be invoiced after Christmas.

Many thanks, Prime Dance

If you require convertible tights - please see the uniform page here

Arrival times for lighting and technical run-through on stage.

Saturday 28th March 2020

Senior Team, Junior Team, Juvenile Team

Arrive - 1pm – please do not arrive before 12.50pm as you will not be allowed in.

Wednesday Ballet/tap, Tuesday Lyrical, Thursday Ballet/tap, Thursday Lyrical

Arrive at 2pm (unless in any of the above)

Friday Freestyle, All Acro Classes

Arrive at 3pm (unless in any of the above)

Saturday Freestyle, Ballet & Tots

Arrive 4pm

All Hip Hop

Arrive 5pm (unless in any of the above)

Please arrive at your allocated time and sign in you will be directed to a dressing room or the auditorium. Please arrive with your hair done. Senior team hairstyles will be discussed in class.

All classes except for seniors please have your hair in 2 French plaits.

All students arriving after 3 pm please arrive with hair done and makeup on – there will be time to top up makeup during the tea break. Senior/Junior teams may wear false eyelashes. Makeup can be applied during rehearsal time.



List to bring

Mascara, black eyeliner, blusher, foundation if needed, red or dark pink lipstick & glitter spray.

Hair spray, brush, comb, hair grips, bobbles & SAFETY PINS.

Please eat lunch/brunch before you arrive. You will need a packed lunch for your tea. Sandwiches or pasta is advisable along with fruit and plenty of water to last the day. NO YOGURTS or foods and drinks that will stain. Food is not allowed to be consumed in the auditorium – water only. We will have a tea break for food consumption.

Please note, you will not be able to leave the theatre in between the tea break and the show. This has caused problems in the past.

Students must not leave the dressing rooms during the interval or wander around in costume before the show commences - this is for the health & safety of all students.

Please ensure you have the appropriate underwear flesh knickers, no lines to be shown, please do not wear any patterned or bright coloured or dark underwear. Flesh colour bra’s preferable with clear straps.

Only parents chaperoning will be allowed backstage please do not be offended if you are stopped at the dressing room doors. Also, male adults will not be allowed backstage due to it being a changing area.

After the Saturday performance make sure all costumes are hung up and set up ready for the Sunday performance before you leave – we don’t want to play hunt the costume on the Sunday as time is limited. Any costumes left behind on the Sunday will be handed into lost property at the theatre – so please make sure you have everything you spend a lot of money on these costumes and sometimes they are reused the following year.

PLEASE LABEL ALL COSTUMES AND SHOES as this stop’s costumes getting mixed up (make sure this is done for dress rehearsal).

Sunday 29th March 2020

All students to arrive at 12.30 pm (no earlier) please arrive with hair and full makeup applied. There will be a DVD filmed on this day.

At the end of the performances please wait for your child in the foyer and do not come backstage for collection we will bring your child out to you.

We are thin on the ground for chaperones for both performances. If you want to chaperone you will need a DBS via Prime Dance the cost for this is £12. Anyone interested please send us your name, address, email address, telephone number and date of birth as soon as possible we then pass this on and the DDC will deal with this online (please don’t pay Prime Dance) - the process takes approximately 2 weeks and lasts for 3 years. It is a very easy process.

All young children must be accompanied by a parent, (due to chaperone shortages) please give Anna your name for the register so you may enter backstage.

We also need two volunteers on both days. 5pm to the end of show on Saturday, and 2pm to end of show on Sunday, to sit on the door to supervisor the upstairs room and help the runners get the students safely to the side of the stage and keep a register.

Can we ask all parents chaperoning not to crowd the side of the stage – your child will be collected by runners and escorted to the side of the stage – only two parents (one on each side of the stage will be allowed due to lack of space).  Also please do not enter the auditorium from the back of the theatre as this affects the lighting and distracts the performers. Thank you for your co-operation.

Upstairs room

If you are allocated the upstairs dressing room just to inform you, we are unable to hire the large chambers as normal we do however have access to the smaller room next door, it may be a bit of a squeeze, but the downstairs dressing rooms are just as cramped. We cannot access this room until 5 pm so students will be asked to leave their bags at the back of the theatre near the music man box until such time. We are not allowed to apply glitter in this room, but this can be done outside the dressing room or in the corridor.

Any young children who are only performing in the first act on the Saturday evening may go home after they have performed unless they wish to stay on for the finale – we would like all children to stay for the finale on the Sunday. Please let us know in advance if you will be leaving early.

Please leave ALL dressing rooms (upstairs and downstairs) clean and tidy and put all rubbish in the bins provided – we will be charged for rooms left in a mess.


Programmes will be on sale for £2

Important notice

The show commences at 7 pm on the Saturday evening and 2 pm on the Sunday afternoon – please be in your seats prompt – if you are late you may not be allowed in until a suitable moment please be aware on the Sunday we are filming the show and it is a problem with latecomers walking in once the show has commenced - our cameraman has had to work miracles in the past to avoid floating heads. 

Can we also remind you to stay in our seats during the performance and try to avoid walking about when the children are performing – please make sure young children go to the bathroom before it starts and, in the interval, – the same with some of our adult audience.  Please pass this information on to family and friends – we appreciate your co-operation.

Parents - please can you explain the running of the day with younger children, so they know what to expect on the day.

Show running times are approximate:

Saturday 7 pm to approximately 9.45 pm

Sunday 2 pm to approximately 4.45 pm

A reminder that photographs or filming is strictly prohibited during the performance (we must abide by child protection laws) – please do not be offended if you are politely asked to stop filming. The theatre has advised us also this is not allowed.

Please enjoy the show let’s make it an enjoyable weekend running smoothly and safely for all. Thank you